Nal Adams is a jewelry manufacturer specialist that has been creating exquisite custom jewelry since 1980. Our high quality standards ensure you are getting the finest jewelry pieces machine made here in the US. You are working directly with the manufacturer, so we guarantee all our jewelry pieces. We are always here for repairs and provide an unlimited repair service as long as the original owner owns the jewelry piece. Our shop is uniquely configured so that we can design and manufacture on a case-by-case basis or create an entire line with a quick turn around time. Our flexibility and competitive pricing comes from being the manufacturer that uses leading industrial technology, such as high precision CNC machines, laser welding machines, laser engraving machines and casting. Our design team uses computer aided design software for 3D CAD rendering for all our jewelry pieces. We use nothing but the finest precious metals available in the industry.

In addition, we offer a wide range of custom services.

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1.     Simply send us any image of the jewelry you would like to have made.

2.     We will create a 3D CAD rendered drawing and a custom quote, along with specific details about the jewelry piece. When you have given your approval, we will manufacture the ring and ship it straight to your doorstep.

3.   Manufacturing process.

4.    Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed! 

Lifetime Diamond Commitment

With any diamond purchase, Nal Adams guarantees a lifetime commitment. If the diamond is lost, chipped, or broken from its original setting, Nal Adams will replace the diamond at no charge to you. Please refer to the return policy for more details. Nal Adams has been reinventing cutting edge designs and manufacturing unique bands that will leave a lasting legacy. We're introducing new and innovative designs to accommodate your personal style. Our handcrafted custom pieces represent beauty and love for years to come. Our goal is to give each and every piece its own identity to make it unique and personal to your taste. We operate eco-conscious machines that help with the creation of our bands with no middle man.